All Day Industry Workshop Sunday 26th November 2017

With the following we are running an all day industry workshop.

10am to 5pm

Sunday 26th November

It will be with Casting Director Gillian Hawser, Director Charles Marriott, Producer Kelly George and myself as an Agent.

It will be in groups of 10 people. One group with each person for 2 hours then swop around and ends with a group q and a with all four of us.

Cost is early booking: £100

Booking within 7 days £120

On the day £140

Gillian Hawser:

Charles Marriott:

Kelly George:

Miles Anthony:

Gillian will work on individual scenes.
Charles will work on duologues and how to work the camera and do a session on Green Screen and how to use the Green Screen and bring in his Cameras.
Kelly will talk about Producing. He is Producing several big budget movies.
Miles will talk about Agents.